The Place Where Great Technologies (and People) Hang Out!

Whether you are a technology buff or a technophobe, Respectech is the place for you!

Visit us to find a technology-age-inspired store staffed by friendly technology professionals for:

  • Experienced and friendly technicians who will do their best to make you feel welcome and answer your questions
  • Top quality computers, monitors, laptops and accessories for sale (no, you will not fall through the science-fiction-inspired expanded metal floor in our showroom, but you may want to leave your stiletto heels in the Cybercafe)
  • Fastest Internet in town (yes, you can eat Cybercafe-purchased snacks at our computers!)
  • Inexpensive B&W and full-color printing, copying and faxing for our Cybercafe clients

It has been reported that just hanging out in Respectech for a short time automatically increases your geekiness rating by up to 200%.

Joking aside, Respectech is the most advanced business of its kind in the area.  We have been serving Northern California since 2001, and look forward to serving you until science fiction becomes science reality, and beyond!